Agri-supply sales & custom metal fabrication services from....

JDP Custom & Manufacturing Inc.
Custom Metal Fabricating
13059 Londswood Rd
P.O. Box 159
Thamesville, ON
N0P 2K0

David Penner, President
Phone 519-692-5024
Cell 519-809-5029
Fax: 519-692-5515

We offer a wide range of retail supplies and custom metal fabricated services to those operating in the PORK, CATTLE, or HORSE INDUSTRIES. If you can draw it....we can make it Whatever you require to have built to improve your livestock operations JPD Custom & Mfg can and will solve your problem.

Look to JDP Custom & Manufacturing for services for the
*Tobacco Farmer  *Grain Farmer
custom metal fabrication services and countless retail products available for the
*Cattle *Pork & Horse Industry. 

We also offer custom repair of...

farm machinery & light  manufacturing. 

Manufacturing and Sales Depot for...
*Agricultural Equipment *Fencing *Horse Stalls

*Steel Sales stainless, black, aluminium.